Water purification knowledge: flushable filter PK disposable filter

The service life of the flushable filter element is 2-3 years, and the life of the disposable filter element is generally less than 1 year, and the individual can reach 2-3 years. What kind of filter is the trend of development in the future? Many people in the industry believe that both have advantages and disadvantages, and different water quality is suitable for different filter elements. Below, for everyone to analyze and compare, as long as the best, the consumers still have to decide.

Advantages and disadvantages of flushable filter

The rinsable filter element is generally a combined filter element, which is composed of an ultrafiltration membrane + KDF + activated carbon.


Easy to install and large amount of water. It not only saves the pain of changing the filter core, but also saves the cost of replacing the filter core, which is deeply loved by consumers.


1. The flushable filter element is suitable for water sources with a TDS value less than 500, that is, mainly for tap water. It is not suitable for river water with serious water pollution, deep well water with TDS higher than 1000, colloidal substances in water, and water with more impurities. Ultrafiltration membranes are generally internal pressure type, the membrane tube is very thin, and the filter element is easily clogged. Flushing can only wash away the inside of the tube, and the colloidal material sticking to the tube wall is very sticky and extremely difficult to rinse off. Filter life 2 - 3 years is only a theoretical value, generally within 2 years is very good.

2. There is activated carbon in the combined filter element, which is located after rinsing the ultrafiltration membrane. Due to the large surface area of ​​activated carbon, it mainly plays the role of adsorbing heterochromatic, odor and impurities. His life span is generally less than one year. More than one year will not only play a role in filtering, but also become the culprit of poisoning. Because the harmful substances can no longer be adsorbed and the water will be released after the adsorption impurities are saturated, the water purifier can not only purify the water, but also becomes a detoxifier. Therefore, the combined filter life of 2-3 years is not in line with the process.

3. The main component of the flushable filter element is an ultrafiltration membrane, which limits its filtration accuracy. For general impurities, viruses, and bacteria, as for improving the taste, there is nothing that can be done except for fluorine, calcium and magnesium ions. There is also a large amount of water in the water purifier. The time required for the water to be purified to contact with KDF and activated carbon must be shortened accordingly, which will inevitably reduce the purification effect of KDF and activated carbon. This is also an important aspect that the stainless steel cylinder water purifier has not been popularized so far.

Advantages and disadvantages of disposable filter


The filtration accuracy is high and almost any impurities are removed. Applicable to any water source, but the time to replace the filter element is different.


1. It is frequent to replace the filter element, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Not only is the waste of resources not in line with energy conservation, but it usually needs to be replaced twice a year, and the cost is about 100 yuan, which must be considered before the installation of the general wage earners.

2, the amount of water is small, in order to ensure the full contact of KDF, activated carbon and water, increase the contact time, the water output must be correspondingly reduced, and this often has a much smaller amount of water per unit time. Sometimes it is not suitable for a place with a large amount of water per unit time. This is also a big drawback.

3, installation after sales trouble, large area. There are more disposable filter cartridges and more joints, which increases the possibility of water leakage. Machines with reverse osmosis membranes have more troubles such as water leakage, no shutdown, no water production, and a large amount of wastewater. These are also an important factor that constrains their overall popularity.

The water purifier that can wash the filter can make rice and porridge, while the straight drink machine of the disposable filter can make tea and brew coffee. No matter which filter element has its value, its advantages may complement each other.

In today's era of increasing emphasis on healthy quality of life, we have learned more that drinking water is rich in heavy metals and sediments, and long-term drinking is easy to cause stones. Domestic garbage and pesticides seriously affect water quality, and long-term drinking harms human health. Then, having an efficient water purifier is an urgent task.

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