Pull cord emergency button, emergency call button, SOS call alarm switch

Embedded installation, unique waterproof design, according to the national standard 86 box design dimensions, including the installation of the bottom box, generally installed on the wall of the hospital bathroom; can prevent the bathroom water droplets and water mist, to ensure that the extension can work in a humid environment.

Detailed Description Accessible Call System Call for Emergency Draw Rope Button 1. Imported Bayer PC material, fire retardant, fire retardant, GB 86 emergency pull rope button, embedded installation, unique waterproof design, generally installed on the wall of the hospital toilet .

3, smooth surface, smooth and smooth, durable wear

Modern Petroleum Machine is a joint working unit composed of modern mechanical technology, hydraulic technology, pneumatic technology, electrical technology and computer control technology. It is the necessary equipment for oil and gas exploitation at present, and it is also a complete set of drilling plants with complete production, technology, equipment, materials, logistics, personnel, transportation and so on.


Mainly composed of the following parts

1. Hoisting system. It is mainly composed of winch, travelling system, wellhead tools, wellhead machinery, etc.

2. Rotation system. It is mainly composed of turntable, faucet and the drive at the top .

3. Circulatory system. It is mainly composed of drilling pump, high pressure pipe sink, circulating tank, solid control equipment, drilling fluid treatment and storage equipment.

4. Power equipment. It is mainly composed of diesel generator set, gas unit, motor, etc.

5.Transmission equipment. It is mainly composed of mechanical transmission, fluid transmission, hydraulic transmission, electric transmission and so on.

Huafai Company provides (Petroleum Machine Control or) the automation control of Petroleum Machine, including installation and commissioning, technical services, general contracting of projects.

Petroleum Machine Control

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