What is the cause of the explosion of the stool?

Recall that the stool explosion is mostly the kind of stool with lifting function. Think about the chair that will be used in your office. Because of the lifting function, the nitrogen is installed, the quality is not enough, it will suddenly explode, most The bad thing is that it blows through the owner's lower body; also fortunately, just left the chair, exploded, the steel column went straight to the ceiling, and the floor above the floor was blown up a big hole! Next, please follow the go-home network Xiaobian Understand the problem of the cause of the stool explosion .


Reasons for the explosion of the stool:

Now most netizens attribute the explosion of the stool to the fact that the victims bought fake and inferior products. This is almost recognized by everyone. Some people think that the pressure bar wall of the chair is too thin, resulting in compression. The sex is not enough to explode. Some netizens said that the reason is that the gas in the gas pressure rod is not nitrogen, which causes the gas in the tube to be unstable enough to cause a bombing accident. Do you judge this judgment?

Xiaobian learned that the cause of the explosion of the chair is caused by two reasons: First, the purity of the nitrogen in the gas pressure rod is insufficient, and the explosion may occur in the case of high temperature environment or excessive friction; second, the container wall of the gas pressure rod It is not strong enough or the material is poor, and it may explode. In the third case, the sealing of the seal is not tight, causing the gas to escape. It is recommended to choose a lifting swivel chair to choose a regular product through formal channels to protect its legal rights.

The explosion of the stool is due to the fact that the wall of the gas pressure rod is too thin, the base of the chair is rough, and it is usually moved up and down when sitting. It is rubbed back and forth to form a slit. It is very thin, and friction forms a weak mouth. An explosion occurred. Xiao Bian feels that the chair will not explode, either increase the thickness of the pipe wall or improve the design of the bottom of the chair. Both have an improvement, and the probability of explosion will drop to very low. If both are improved at the same time, the probability of explosion is almost Can be reduced to zero.

Seeing these reports, do you think that the stool you are sitting on is like a time bomb, you have to explode at any time, don't worry about Xiaobian to tell you the explosion of the chair explosion: 1. Look at the price, the price of the swivel chair produced by the regular brand enterprise is basically The quality of the swivel chair of 200 yuan or more and 100 yuan or less cannot be guaranteed. 2. It is necessary to see if the air pressure lever can smoothly move up and down.

The above is the reason why Xiaobian introduced the stool explosion for everyone. I hope that after reading the introduction of Xiaobian, you can carefully select the stool to ensure your safety. For more information, please stay tuned for the tracking report of Xiaojiaju.com.

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