Some children's furniture still has hidden dangers and hidden dangers

On May 26th, Sichuan Province issued a quality inspection report. Of the 18 children's furniture products sampled, 6 were unqualified. According to the sampling data of the AQSIQ for the past three years, the average pass rate of products involving children's furniture is only 58%. Behind the data, people pay attention to the quality and safety of children's furniture, and the results of formaldehyde and lead are the focus of parents' attention.

A few days ago, at the Anjule Home Building Materials Plaza near the Yinpenling Bridge in Hexi, the reporter saw that the children's furniture products for sale were mainly high and low beds, children's room sets and desks. When the reporter asked if the formaldehyde content of a children's bed was up to standard, a clerk said that “there are safety test certificates, and the amount of formaldehyde released can be assured.” On some leaflets of children's furniture products, they also did enough. Zero formaldehyde, no pollution, etc. However, an industry insider said that because furniture is generally used in the manufacturing and installation process, there is no furniture that is completely formaldehyde-free.

According to the mandatory requirements of the General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture, board-type children's furniture should use at least E1 grade board. If the product has a folding or pulling device, the warning signs such as “Warning! Caution pinch” should be marked in the appropriate position of the product. However, the reporter visited and found that most of the children's furniture sold in many stores have no warnings in the wardrobe doors, drawers and other locations.

Mr. Gu, who has been engaged in furniture business for many years, said that in order to ensure the environmental protection of children's furniture, consumers should choose solid wood products when purchasing, and it is best to apply less or only one layer of environmentally friendly water-based paint. According to the "new national standard" regulations, the edge of children's furniture must be rounded. The door and cover parts need to be cushioned to avoid pinching the child's hand. The inside of the wardrobe should be vented. The details of these products should be kept in mind to prevent safety. Hidden dangers.

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