The difference between mildew proof paint and paint mildew

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Anti-mold coating is a functional coating that can inhibit the growth and growth of mold by its coating film. It is mainly used in the humid places with poor ventilation and the wall decoration of factories and buildings rich in nutrients in the environment to beautify and protect. The occurrence of mold not only makes the surface of the eroded coating very ugly, but the mold which grows in the deep layer will break through the paint film and cause cracking and peeling. The mold emits a special stench, and people living in this environment are unhappy. Health is threatened; products produced in such an environment are susceptible to pollution and are easily damaged, and such an environment is incompatible with civilized production. Therefore, people have been trying to fight against mold for a long time. In the past, people used lime water to paint the walls to obtain the two teachings of sterilization and decoration. This is the prototype of modern anti-mold coatings. With the development of science, especially the rapid development of anti-mildew, fungicide production and technology, today's anti-mold coatings are painted in the interior walls of cigarette factories, breweries and pharmaceutical factories where the environment is very harsh. 2 a or more, and the coating film is beautiful, decorative and low in toxicity. The research on anti-mold coatings and anti-mold fungicides in the world, especially in the United States, Japan and Europe, is very active. Every year, hundreds of patents and literatures are published. My anti-mold coatings have developed rapidly in the past ten years. 10 factories have developed various grades of anti-mold coatings.

A bactericide is a chemical that has the ability to inhibit and kill microorganisms such as molds and algae. After the microorganisms are subjected to a bactericide, many properties change, such as generation, reproduction, sporulation and germination, cell mitosis and permeability, Respiration and other physiological and biochemical reactions and metabolic activities are affected. Therefore, the cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus of microorganisms can be used as a place for bactericidal or bacteriostatic action. Since the bacterial cells are a semi-permeable membrane, a chemical has a bactericidal power, and in addition to having a chemically toxic group, it should also have the ability to penetrate cells. The semi-permeable membrane of the bacterial cells is composed of a fat layer and a protein. The inner and outer layers are proteins with a fat layer interposed therebetween, so the bactericide is required to have hydrophilicity and lipophilicity. In addition, the semi-permeable membrane fat layer is linked to the protein by a polar group, that is, the semi-permeable membrane is charged, which hinders the penetration of the ion-type bactericide, thereby reducing the toxicity of the chemical. The mechanism of action of the fungicide is to destroy the cell structure of the bacteria, prevent the mitosis of the bacteria, affect the metabolism of the bacteria, form a metal chelate (so that the metal cannot participate in the normal reaction in the cells of the bacteria), and hinder the synthesis of the ester of the bacteria.

In fact, the ideal biocide that is fully qualified is hard to find. Sometimes, two or more bactericidal agents with different characteristics are skillfully combined to improve the efficacy and broad spectrum of bactericidal activity, and an additive can be added to improve the compatibility and stability. In the absence of various conditions, the designer first considers the anti-mildew effect, that is, the ability of the fungicide to inhibit or kill mold, bacteria, yeast and other essential microorganisms, generally using filter paper inhibition zone or drug inhibiting microorganisms. The lowest concentration of development is expressed.

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