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Fireplaces originate from abroad, but more and more Chinese people have fallen in love with fireplaces in recent years. Especially the characteristics of various types of mansions, villas, and fireplaces that are both decorative and practical have quickly been accepted by people. In winter, the family sits around the fireplace, listens to the burning sound of charcoal, talks about the interesting things of life in the past, and sees classic movies. It is enjoyable and comfortable. Xiaobian here teaches everyone how to choose the fireplace that suits you.

Due to the constraints of housing structure, fireplaces in the domestic market are generally divided into three categories: wood burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and electric fireplaces. Choosing suitable fireplaces based on different room types can not only add icing on home decoration, but also enjoy The cultural connotation brought about by the fireplace.

Wood-burning fireplace: also called a real fire fireplace, the fireplace that is closest to the European traditional style makes people feel back to nature and close to nature. In the heating function, through the special heat wave pipeline, the heat can be distributed to other rooms with low cost and environmental protection.

In modern society, heating has replaced the charcoal stoves of the past. Although the charcoal flicker was reduced, there was less interest in sitting around the hearth with firewood. In a calm night, the warmth of the fire and the sizzling atmosphere of the charcoal fire were lost. The progress of modernization faded the warmth. The real fire fireplace can make the dancing flame bring life to the whole family. On the cold winter night, when you return home, you can immediately enjoy the warmth and enjoy the most original fire heating and comfort.

However, since the flue type real fireplace needs a certain vertical distance to exhaust, it is more suitable for villas with chimneys, and is generally used in larger living rooms. However, due to the domestic room type and heating habits, the value of heating the fireplace is not great.

Gas fireplaces: Gas fireplaces use natural gas or liquefied gas as raw materials for combustion. Wood is made of ceramic fibers as the main raw material. It burns red and heat but never runs out. It is truly a low-carbon, environmentally friendly material.

Gas fireplaces are more convenient to use than wood-burning fireplaces, and they do not need to be used to store raw materials for storage. At the same time, they have obvious heating effects and are the first choice for duplexes and villas. In order to prevent the safety of the fuel leak caused by the failure of the fireplace, wood-fired and gas-fired fireplaces are generally not recommended for use in bedrooms, and the study rooms and restaurants are more suitable.

Electric fireplace: The simplest and most convenient fireplace. In the decoration, as long as the fireplace is left on the wall, the plug-in shop will handle it. This is equivalent to a fireplace-like electric heater. A lifelike fire can be a home. Add warmth and romance, but the real heating effect is not obvious, and more commonly used in smaller restaurants and bedrooms.

The millennium history of fireplace culture development has been accompanied by the history of human civilization. The fireplace experienced the baptism of the Italian Renaissance, the gorgeousness of the Baroque period, the Rococo classics, the elegance of Victoria, and the neo-classical ethereality. Now it is pleasantly surprised by the multiple character of calm and gorgeous, humanities and classical, modern and romantic. Everyone who has won the essence of quality of life.


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