4 people table size specifications 4 people table product recommendation

For a family, having a dining table is a must. If there are not many family members, they will choose a table for four. Do you know the size of the table for 4 people ? A suitable size plus a stylish, beautiful four-person table can bring unlimited joy and warmth to the restaurant life. Let's take a look at the 4-person dining table size specification and the 4-person dining table product recommendation.

4 people table size specifications 4 people table product recommendation

Table size specification for 4 people

Four people's dining table is a more popular table, its shape is common square, rectangular and round, everyone in the choice of time are based on personal preferences and home decoration style to choose to match, the general size is as follows:

The square is generally: 80cm * 80cm * 78cm;

The rectangle is generally: 140cm*80cm*78cm;

If it is round, the diameter of the round table is 90cm.

Four people table product recommendation

Korean garden table E17619 Reference Price: ¥ 9784 yuan

Dining table size 140*80*78cm

At the same time as it is elegantly white, the dining table pays more attention to detail quality and incorporates a few exquisite European decorative elements. These decorative details are set on the edge of the table in small areas, like plain flowers and slender grass, extremely soft and graceful. Whether it is aesthetically or practically worthy of praise, it gives people a sense of calmness, pragmatism, and profound intrinsicness.

Milan silhouette table model: E10590 Reference Price: ¥ 6982

Dining table size 150*150*78m

The style of the table takes Italian minimalism as its essence, capturing the black and white classics, and matching it with a dark background, so that the entire rational and calm space blends in with a feminine femininity, transforming the simplicity of black and white into a BLING trend. Low-key luxury.

Changed the Sailing House KSHT-OM-EA003-CT Reference Price: ¥ 3580 yuan

Table size 1.5 meters in length (diameter)

This American pastoral series of four dining table, the surface of the table is smooth, delicate, slightly curved table legs, its carved with a more refined and elegant temperament, the table has a beautiful design supported by cylindrical feet, focusing on humanity and functionality The display and reflection.

Families with few ordinary family members will choose a table for four. This will make the room more coordinating and the dining atmosphere more cozy. The four-person dining table size specification and the 4-person dining table product recommendation above are briefly introduced here. I hope that the above content will give you a clearer understanding of the 4-person dining table size specifications . For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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