Negotiations and decoration have secret skills to ensure the reasonable price of the decoration and good service

1. How to contact the decoration company for the first time

At present, there are two ways for decoration company to quote: First, how much money do you want to report, the decoration company will combine your requirements to start designing and quoting; Second, you put forward the specific requirements for bedroom decoration, and the decoration company will report you How much does the request cost?

Many consumers are willing to use the second way of negotiation. The purpose is to prevent decoration companies from exploring the bottom. Consumers want the decoration company to offer first, and they also have room for comparison and counter-offer. In fact, this practice is not necessary. The profit rate of all formal decoration companies is almost the same, the difference is that the design strength and after-sales service are good or bad. Doing so will only delay your own time and delay the construction progress.

Therefore, when you come into contact with the decoration company, it is best to directly prepare for how much money you want to spend, and what kind of effect you want to achieve. All of them will tell the decoration company to see if they accept it. If the decoration company agrees to undertake your home improvement project, it can enter the specific design, quotation and negotiation stage.

2. How to determine the qualification of a decoration company

First of all, the decoration company must have qualifications for the construction of decorative works. In addition to checking business licenses, whether or not you have a formal office and whether you can issue qualified tickets are all carefully examined.

Second, you can examine the work done by this decoration company to evaluate its design and construction level. The level and qualifications of interior designers are directly related to the level of design, so you have to ask the designer of this company in detail. If you are introduced by a friend, you can find out about the company through acquaintances. But sometimes friends and relatives are not "connoisseurs" in this area, and it is inevitable that they will be "misleading."

3, how to confirm the design and bargaining

After you reach a preliminary understanding with the decoration company, the decoration company needs to understand your specific requirements and conduct field measurements. After that, the company will send you a design drawing and a detailed quotation to you, which lists very specific materials and construction quantities. After you get this material, you must first see whether the design meets your requirements. You can ask the designer to explain this design proposal, such as the processing of some space, the application of materials, and whether the price and usage are reasonable.

4, how to eliminate loopholes in the decoration contract

After you have approved the quotation, the formal decoration company will also sign a construction contract or agreement with you. In this contract, you should pay attention to the following questions:

First of all, the contract must specify the specific requirements for the renovation and the date of completion. Do not allow some decoration companies to overhaul and delay the “creation” of the construction period.

Second, in the contract must specify the specific brand or model of decorative materials used to prevent decoration companies shoddy.

Third, the provisions of the contract concerning the warranty are indispensable, and it is necessary to distinguish the responsibilities: If it belongs to the quality of the construction or materials, the decoration company should take full responsibility; if it is improperly used by the user, the two parties can negotiate.

The warranty period for general decoration companies for projects ranges from three months to one year. You want to choose the company that has a longer warranty period.

5. How to inspect the construction team

The quality of decoration depends largely on the quality of the construction team. Therefore, before the renovation, you must also examine the construction team used by the decoration company.

In addition, whether the construction team has strength, can also be seen from the tools they use. At present, the degree of electrification of decorative works is very high. In general, a powerful construction team has begun to use tools such as electric steam pumps and nail guns in order to improve quality and efficiency.

Paying attention to these aspects, you can enjoy as much service as possible at a reasonable price when you decorate your own home. In addition, understanding these bargaining knowledge can also enhance your "immunity" and not be deceived.

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