Decoration regret survey one: decoration failure big exposure

Many homeowners who have experienced renovations often say, “If I were to install it again, I would definitely be more perfect.” This is just an afterthought. Therefore, before the renovation, it is wise to evade vulnerable areas. The decoration of this issue is regrettable. The enthusiastic readers provided reporters with a series of regret pictures of home decoration. The owners who want to decorate may wish to take a closer look! We will send a series of articles, please pay attention.

Installation: The installation of the item is a problem that is easily problematic. Does it involve the size of the reservation is appropriate? Is the location of the installation practical? And the use of products that should be installed but not installed. Slightly sloppy, trouble is coming.

Washing machine into the water

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The washing machine does not have a separate downpipe, making it inconvenient to use. The owner had forgotten to install and had to draw the water pipe to the floor drain elsewhere. It was unavoidable to drain the water when it was drained.

Cabinet doors

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Do not know whether the size of the wall was not left before or the size of the cabinet door itself was wrong. After all, there was such a large gap.


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Improper installation of the workers resulted in the sinks and countertops failing to closely cooperate. The gaps exposed were very easy to intrude into water or small dust, making cleaning inconvenient.

Misan Yuba

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Because the bathroom was large, the owner assigned a bathroom heater to the bathroom. At that time, the decoration worker advised him to put the bath heater on the top of the bathtub. He thought that putting the bathroom in the center would make the whole bathroom a little warmer, so the workers would put the bathroom heater in the center of the bathroom. . Because Yuba is located in the center of the bathroom, heat cannot be directly radiated to the body, and it still feels cold in winter.

Water heater

The lining workers on the top of the bathroom were sloppy. The water heater's plug and water temperature gauge were all covered by the gussets. The owner couldn’t see the water temperature, and it was difficult to connect the water heater because the hand did not reach in. It's annoying to be able to turn off the switch in the air.

Floor installation

Before the floor tile of the living room was floored, the owner bought the floor. After laying the floor tiles, he found that the two were uneven. This contradiction could not be resolved. After the walk, he had to be very careful to kick the toenails.

Poor quality hanging bar

When buying, the merchant blows the quality of the towel hanger and the owner easily buys it home. But the bathroom has not yet begun to use it. This hanging rod has rusted.

Outlet hole is not enough

With the improvement of the family's living standards, the home's outlets should be installed as much as possible. The owner was even sloppy to install only two-hole sockets instead of three-hole sockets, which caused great inconvenience to the use of home appliances.

Summary: 1 It is recommended that the owners still purchase branded products. The manufacturer will install them in person. Professional technology allows you to have no worries. 2 The installation of the product must be considered in detail beforehand. You can look at the installed family and learn from others' experiences. Practicality is the greatest benefit.

Furniture: The furniture of the store is dazzling, it is easy to visit the eyes of consumers. A hot head, bought a home to see, regret again and again.

Incongruous sofa

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This set of sofas is very good looking at the store, and when they buy it, they find that the size is too large. There is no way to squeeze them together.

Uncomfortable dining chair

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These dining chairs are suitable for the style of the owner's home without hesitation, but they are uncomfortable to use. In particular, it is not appropriate to sit up and feel high or low.

Editor's summary: Furniture is a product that is no longer replaced after purchase for a long time, so you can't just look at the appearance but also consider its practicality and size. Do not buy uncomfortable furniture, especially dining chairs. When buying, it's better to sit down and try again. The purchase of the sofa, must measure the actual size to fit in the living room of their own home.

Accessories - As the saying goes: Light decoration, heavy decoration. Nowadays, more and more owners are making big fuss on late accessories. However, “there is not enough time”, the matching of colors, the quantity and size of accessories are not sloppy, if you can, ask a professional accessory designer to guide the softness of your home. Fitting and matching will make your home look full of personality.

Unfixed carpet

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This white carpet is too small and easy to move. It's easy to walk around. The result of the ornament that was originally wanted to look good has become cumbersome.

Too many cushions

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The owner of this house seems to have a special affection for the cushion. The couch is full of cushions. The different colors of different materials and the color of the leather sofa do not match. The overall appearance is unpredictable and has no beauty.

Too much color

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The color of the bed is too complicated. The colors of the red, green, purple, gray and yellow, as well as the patterns, stripes, and plaids are all too dazzling to see the decoration on this bed.

Editor's summary: 1 Before buying a carpet, use a ruler to measure the size of the carpet to be placed on the floor. The carpet should be connected with the sofa set to ensure that the feet can be placed on the carpet when sitting on the sofa. 2 There are certain rules to follow in soft outfits. While taking care of one's own preferences, the color of the accessories must also be considered in coordination with the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is necessary to have an overall color scheme from the outset to determine the color of the furnishings and the choice of furniture and home accessories.

Entrance decoration children room decoration furniture socket decoration switch home decoration decoration living room living room sofa picture living room picture decoration style floor tile home cabinet cupboard cabinet door door bathroom door bathroom door picture bathroom door size bathroom size overall bathroom bathroom floor tile bathroom picture

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Afterwards, Zhuge makes your home decoration no regrets

Afterwards, Zhuge makes your home decoration no regrets

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Constellation matching decoration style:

Aries is more suitable for "modern and simple" decoration style

The sheep who like to be fond of the limelight do not want their home style to be consistent with others. The post-modern style emphasizes that the architecture and interior decoration should have a historical continuity, but it is not rigidly adhered to the traditional logical thinking mode, making the entire home environment fashionable and without losing the taste. Aries prefers to host friends at home. This style of decoration allows Aries to face face when it comes to hosting friends.

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Modern minimalist style decor design two bedroom Modern minimalist style decor design two bedroom
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Plastic Waterstop Seal provides water barrier across all joints in concrete structures by placing Water Stops into edges of adjacent concrete components. Water Stops are essential for use in all water retaining and water excluding structures, being capable of withstanding water pressure from either internal or external face.

Plastic back waterproof belt

Rubber Water-Stop Belt utilizes the rubber is high elasticity and the compression deformation characters, have the elastic deformation under each kind of load, thus to effective fastening seal, guards against infiltrates and leaks. It has high elasticity, ageing resistance, low compression deformation and good tearing strength performance.

steel rubber waterstop belt

Features of  waterstop
1. The  waterstop will expand when getting in touch with water, so allowing it to come into closer contact with the concrete, creating a better water-stop result.
2. Different thicknesses structure of  waterstop is adopted for the cross section, which is divided into the high-strength area, the waterproof area and the installation area, allowing for uniform and reasonable stress for all portions.
3. There is installing hole at installation area of waterstop, it could facilitate fixed with adjacent reinforced, and not produce shifting. Construction of our Rubber Water stop is convenient
Steel side waterstop

rubber Water-Stop Belt function: mainly used for the tunnel and bridge project,such as the overpass ,water and electricity projects etc.
two types:1 affixed to the back-half hole in the middle 
               2 embedded in the middle with hole
features: good flexibility; strong ability to adapt to the deformation;simple structure;reliable water tight seal.
concrete specifications can be requested by client.
Watertight hose in rubber

Rubber back waterproof belt

Water-stop Belt

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