Dishes of "Baby", a common regret in the kitchen

After seeing many homeowners renovating their homes, there have always been such problems. Some of them are waiting to be discovered after they have stayed. There are always regrets for the decoration. Editing and arranging several aspects of the owner's decoration has become more concentrated, I believe that you will avoid the same mistakes in the decoration.

Question one: panel

The switch panel is indispensable. Many home installations have problems. They are designed and installed, causing inconvenience to the owner's life.

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Panel 1 The position of the switch panel is set unreasonably, leaving a gap with the silver mirror after installation, which is very ugly.

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The panel 2 water heater remote control panel was not installed beforehand, which eventually led to the installation of a bright line. The lines were mixed together, which was not neat and beautiful.

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The panel 3 panel installation often has such problems: the position of the bottom box is unreasonable, and the installation of the switch panel may not be neat.

Question two: lights

As a living lighting and beautifully decorated lamps, they often bring trouble to the owners. The lack of style or the unsightly location of the installation is an annoying problem.

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The lamp 1 master did not care when installing the lamp, and the installation location was not centered, thus affecting the lighting and the appearance.

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Lamp 2 This lamp does not need to be used during the day and it is too dazzling at night. The style does not match the living room as a whole and cleaning is extremely difficult. In fact, the owner basically uses only other spotlights at night. Buying no, is the biggest waste.

Question 3: Furniture

Wardrobes, bookcases and other large furniture, to consider the actual size and placement of the place, just look at the appearance does not take into account the actual role will also bring many troubles. The consequences of the poor construction of woodworking masters are also very serious.

TV cabinet

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The decoration is a modern minimalist style, but the TV cabinet is a Chinese classical style. The wall-mounted TV is placed in the middle of the cupboard. It is like wearing a yupi hat and wearing a suit, which makes people feel neither fish nor fowl.


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When the wardrobe was installed, the direction of opening and closing of the door was not taken into consideration, so the door was closed every time the wardrobe was opened, which was very troublesome.


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Bookshelf interval is too high, actually can not put many books, the main role of the bookcase is to put the book. If there are not enough books, bookcases will lose their effect.


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The clearance between the drawer and the side plate of the cabinet is too large and the process is rough. Also, the side panels of the wardrobe are too thin and the strength is not enough. In the near future, the structure becomes problematic and becomes loose.

Question four: paint

The quality of paint products and the fineness of the paint process determine the beauty of furniture and walls. Therefore, the paint must choose a brand with excellent quality, and the construction process must be carefully placed in place.

Paint 1

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Because of the slackness of the master painter's work, the number of times the paint brush on the back of the door is not enough, so that cutting corners left behind regret


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The hole in the bottom wall of the wall was left behind. Finally, the painter filled it with plaster putty. The construction of the worker's master was not careful. Now it has become a bump and it is hard to see.

Question 5: Kitchen

The kitchen is a work area where family life is concentrated. It requires high standards for water, oil, gas, and household appliances. It also emphasizes practicality and convenience.

Microwave oven

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The sloppy construction master “forgot” to install the microwave oven rack. When the owner discovered it, there was no way to install it. So the microwave oven can only be placed in the bedroom at ordinary times, and it is very inconvenient to move it to the kitchen when it is used.


Cabinet design not only depends on the appearance, but also depends on the "inner heart." The position of the gas meter was not taken into account before. As a result, the gas meter was placed in the deepest part of the cabinet. Whenever the gas card and the battery were changed, the owner could only complete the son of a tall arm.

Question 6: Details

The details are the key to the test of construction, and many details of the mistakes, but also can seriously affect the appearance. For example, baseboards and door stoppers are not noticed, and the quality is not good or the mistakes caused by sloppy construction are disturbing.

Plug in

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Looking at this place, the floor around the floor is not too finely cut, leaving such a large gap, and the floor is also cut.

Door Stopper

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Do not look at the obscure door stopper, the consequence of poor quality door stopper is to use soon to break. You see, it's not very hard to see.

Bathroom door

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Bathroom doors made of glass have poor shielding effect, and if there are guests, the bath will be very embarrassing.

air conditioning

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When the air conditioner was installed, the air was opened high, low, low, rainy, and the rain poured into the room. The cleaning was troublesome, and the long-term rain caused the latex paint on the wall to peel off.

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Constellation matching decoration style:

Aries is more suitable for "modern and simple" decoration style

The sheep who like to be fond of the limelight do not want their home style to be consistent with others. The post-modern style emphasizes that the architecture and interior decoration should have a historical continuity, but it is not rigidly adhered to the traditional logical thinking mode, making the entire home environment fashionable and without losing the taste. Aries prefers to host friends at home. This style of decoration allows Aries to face face when it comes to hosting friends.

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Modern minimalist style decor design two bedroom Modern minimalist style decor design two bedroom
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