TV wall soft pack and hard pack which good TV wall flexible packaging repair notes

Nowadays, there are many design highlights in home decoration that can give the entire space a finishing touch. Allows us to become a distinctive feel at home, you can also highlight the aesthetic taste of the owner, I say today is TV wall soft pack and hard pack and what good TV wall decoration soft pack the main issues, we look at it together!

The difference between TV wall soft packs and hard packs

1. The video wall soft bag means that the background wall is filled with a soft sponge. The feel is very soft. The hard wall of the TV wall is made of wood and hard materials. In terms of choice, many people nowadays choose soft pack walls because soft packs look more beautiful and graded. There are anti-mildew, sound insulation, flame retardant and other advantages, not easy to mold, it appears to be tall.

2. Most manufacturers who design soft-packed TV walls in the market today are designed to be European-style. This style is still very calm and elegant. In the modern temperament, it also infiltrates a strong classical atmosphere. In the overall layout, it emphasizes symmetry and balance, correct and steady, and in the details of the decoration, it also advocates exquisite craftsmanship and rapid changes.

3, soft package hard wall background is not very good or bad, respectively, before the hard package is still more, and now with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's aesthetic and taste are improving. The use of soft packs has gradually increased and it is well received by the general public.

Soft packaging repair precautions

1. The filling material used for the soft pack of the TV wall is that the textile fabric, the keel, and the wood base board should be fireproofed.

2, the wall surface moisture treatment should be evenly painted a layer of oil or oiled paper. Do not use bitumen felt as a moisture barrier.

3. The wood keel should be prefabricated with grooved concrete, which can be installed as a whole or in slices. The connection to the wall should be tight and firm.

4. The dimensions of the filling material should be correct. The edges and corners should be square and should be tightly bonded to the wood-based laminate.

5, fabric fabric cut when the latitude and longitude should be straight. The installation should be close to the wall, the joints should be tight, the pattern should be consistent, no ripples, wavy edges and folds, the surface should be clean.

6, soft cloth and pressure lines, face line, skirting board, electrical boxes and other junctions should be tight, straight, no burrs. Openings such as electrical box lids should be accurately sized.

These are small to give us the TV wall soft pack and hard pack and what good TV wall decoration soft pack precautions, soft package decoration is quite many people choose, read the above in this regard may have more Understand that soft-loading and hard-packing are all decided with the entire decoration. I hope you can enjoy the above introduction. If you want to know other related information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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