Note: plastic bottles can not be used for a long time to withstand high temperature, otherwise it will endanger health.

Recently, a microblog on the Internet has caused netizens to pay attention: "The bottom of most beverage bottles has a triangle with an arrow. There is a '1' in the triangle. This is the mark of PET, and PET is a kind of plastic. The use of this kind of bottle will have a carcinogenic crisis." Is this statement unreliable?

With questions, the reporter visited a number of supermarkets such as the underground supermarkets of Qunguang Plaza in Wuhan, Wal-Mart, and China Merchants, and visited plastic beverage bottles. Turn over the beverages such as Master Kong Iced Black Tea, Unified Rock Sugar Sydney, etc. The bottom of the plastic bottle has a triangular logo with an arrow. The number "1" is written in the triangle, and the bottom of the bottle is marked - PET.

When the reporter asked about the number at the bottom of the bottle, Mr. Zhang, who was buying a drink, said: "I have never paid attention to those numbers. I lost it when I used it, and I have not used it again." Some elderly citizens said that they had run out of Mineral water bottles are used to hold water, wine, cooking oil, etc.

Yu Junfang, an associate professor at the School of Environmental Science and Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, said that the “1” character stands for PET and is a very common polymer material. The plastic bottles of mineral water and juice that we usually drink are made with it. This material is low-temperature, non-toxic and tasteless, and is safe for the human body. However, it is easy to release organic solvents harmful to the human body after high temperature and exposure, so it is best not to use hot water or long-term oil and wine. Because it is easy to dissolve harmful substances.

She introduced that the general plastic is divided into 7 grades, representing different materials, PE can be used to hold drugs and bath products, it is best not to recycle; PVC material can be used to make raincoats. "The repeated use of beverage bottles is not harmful, as long as it is not subjected to high temperatures for a long time." Yu Junfang said.

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