The Great Wall Aluminum Magnetic Separation Technology of China Aluminum Co.,Ltd.

Recently, China Aluminum Corporation’s Great Wall Aluminum Corporation (located in Zhengzhou, Henan, hereinafter referred to as "Chinalco Great Wall Aluminum") has made new breakthroughs in the comprehensive utilization of high-speed iron and bauxite resources. The company declared "high-iron bauxite The "method for separation of ferro-aluminum magnetic separation" has been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office for invention patents, providing a new way for the full utilization of China's high-iron and bauxite resources.

In recent years, the supply of bauxite in China has become increasingly tense. In particular, the supply of high quality bauxite can no longer meet the alumina production needs. Targeting high-iron bauxite containing more than 10% of iron oxide in bauxite and containing more than 25% of alumina, high-iron-bauxite-aluminum-iron magnetic separation technology achieves aluminum in high-iron bauxite through physical mineral separation. Iron separation, obtained alumina concentrate can be applied to alumina production, can significantly improve the grade of aluminum ore, reduce the cost of alumina production. At the same time, the iron-rich iron ore concentrate obtained by separation can supply iron and steel smelting enterprises. The tailings after magnetic separation can be used as raw materials for cement production, and no waste or chemical pollution will be generated, which has significant economic, environmental and social benefits.

In addition, the 300,000-ton high-iron-bauxite ore dressing project proposed by Chinalco Great Wall Aluminum has received special fund support from the National Development and Reform Commission of RMB 10 million, and has been listed as a national circular economy and high-tech industrialization demonstration project. The project is in line with national industrial policies and the development ideas of Chinalco's development of circular economy and the establishment of resource-conserving enterprises. It has important practical significance for improving the development and comprehensive utilization of bauxite resources.