Light and shadow wood carving: innovative carving process

Light and shadow woodcarving

Light and shadow carving is based on traditional Chinese wood carvings. It combines Western painting theories and tooth jade carvings with a new kind of carvings. The previous wood carving forms are based on the expression of traditional Chinese paintings, while the light and shadow carvings are based on the West. Oil paintings and modern photographic works are the subject matter. As the carrier of the art has changed, the natural novel is born.

Light and Shadow Carving expresses the author's respect for the craft and the understanding of the human spirit from a new perspective. The lotus figures on the back of the chair and the seat are unique.

Light and shadow art is widely used in many fields, such as film and television, photography, etc. As a language element, light and shadow, if used properly, can have a multiplier effect on creating an atmosphere of the environment and setting off the mood of the characters. In the era of innovation as the core, applying the art of light and shadow to the carving process of traditional furniture is undoubtedly injecting fresh blood into traditional furniture.

Light and Shadow Carving not only combines traditional wood carvings and Chinese and Western paintings, but also draws on the craftsmanship of Suzhou embroidery for my use. The landscape can be divided into far and near fun, and the pavilion has a deep body. The characters can have vivid feelings and flowers and birds can report relatives. The artistic features of Su embroidery, etc., are integrated into the light and shadow carving.

The art of light and shadow is applied to traditional furniture, and it needs to be considered. Because the home is different from other works of art, its core value is still used. More importantly, light and shadow carving requires certain lighting conditions and special angles to show their fantastic artistic effects, so this kind of light and shadow carving that combines bas-relief, phantom relief, Chinese and Western painting and Suzhou embroidery can become a wood carving. The miracle in history also takes time to test and witness.

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