G Futian: Military and machinery are flying together

The Bank of China’s downhill stone military and mechanical double arrows
Although the Bank of China showed a downward trend on Thursday, it formed certain pressure on the index, but the hot-selling sector started across the board, effectively damaging the pressure of the Bank of China. It can be seen from the disk surface that the aerospace military sector and the engineering machinery sector have continued to be strong in the previous period and have once again become the focus of today. Hongdu Aviation, Guihang Shares, G Xifei, and Light Industry Machinery all closed at the daily limit. We believe that with the support of policies, the hype of these two sectors will continue. G Futian (600166) not only produces military vehicles, but also joins the world's largest independent engine manufacturer Cummins to establish Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Company. Therefore, it has the dual concept of aerospace military and engineering machinery, and the market is expected to launch a strong upswing.

The car faucet belongs to the whole series of truck production and sales nationwide
The company's domestic automobile leading enterprises, truck production and sales of the full range of products ranked first in the country, of which the company's light trucks ranked first in the country for six consecutive years, the medium and heavy trucks ranked fourth in the country. Although the automotive industry as a whole has entered a low point, heavy-duty vehicles are likely to become a paradise for the automotive industry. The company's Ao Ling series, which is highly regarded by the industry, surpasses light trucks, MRT light trucks and Sapu Pika, and is listed on the top ten cities in Beijing and Shanghai. Compared with the original products, it has broken through the original Japanese technology platform, many of which are domestically pioneered, and the power system is world-class. In 2005, the sales of young cards in the first half of the year totaled 145,712, and the production and sales volume of light trucks ranked first in the country. The company's European V passenger car brand is guided by the product connotation of technology leadership, quality professionalism, innovation and humane care, and fully supports the corporate mission of “committed to humanistic technology and drives modern life”, marking a major breakthrough in the company's product structure adjustment. In April 2006, the company and the Ministry of Communications delegation signed a purchase agreement for 3,000 Futian Euro V buses in Beijing, with a total value of RMB 2 billion. The stable production and sales of the company's products provide guarantee for the growth of performance.

Engineering machinery stock with military themes
In November 2005, the company won the bid for 216 military vehicles. On March 21, 2006, the company’s first batch of military delivery ceremony was held in Auman Heavy Trucks. It was delivered to the Military Equipment Bureau of the General Armament Department of the People’s Liberation Army. The first batch of military vehicles. This batch of Auman products strictly in accordance with military requirements, with zero defect standards. The production has ensured that each car is a fine product, and in general cultivated the military awareness and quality awareness of the Auman Heavy Truck Plant. In the "Shenzhou VI" launch, Foton Motor replaced the internationally renowned brands used in the past, and assumed the important tasks of base transportation and spacecraft traction. It became the first domestic brand adopted by China in the transportation of high-end space instruments in recent years, and Futian Automobile also Selected as the "spacecraft and satellite transport vehicle" designated by the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base. In addition, the company announced on March 7, 2006 that the company signed a joint venture with Cummins Inc. to establish a feasibility study report for Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Company (BFCEC). The total investment of the project is 1.946 billion, and the company's shareholding ratio target is not less than 25%. It is expected to be established in the third quarter of this year, and the 3.8L engine will achieve limited production in early 2008. The new company will become Cummins's only production base for light diesel engines outside the US, and its long-term prospects are promising.

The forced rise of the market is about to begin
Technically, the stock was also a stock of the moment, not only listed at a very high premium, but also created a market that doubled directly. But with the decline of the general trend, the company's stock price has also entered a long process of value return. However, with the launch of the current round of the market, the stock has gradually stabilized from the historical low of 2.8 yuan, and through a period of about half a year to form a beautiful arc outsole, the main force to do signs. Especially before and after the share reform, the stock volume can be significantly enlarged, and the share reform will be completed quickly after the share reform, and the stock change is quite active. Before the recent de-authorization, the stock was in a strong pattern of innumerable push-up, and the stability of the chip is evident. It can be seen through the re-issuance of the weekly line that the stock has successfully broken through the 120-week moving average and the upside has been fully opened. In the short-term, the stock formed a short trap in the form of big yin and slump, and then the rebound along the moving average could be well matched. The short-term kinetic energy was seriously insufficient. On Thursday, the heavy-duty upswing was on the way.

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