2011 upgrade version of the rookie practical manual

After the Spring Festival, another round of decoration season is approaching. Many of the "rookie" who had no knowledge of the decoration were ticklish, and they didn't know where to start. Don't worry, now teach you tips for decoration:

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STEP1 bad repair decoration knowledge

From the start of the renovation two or three months ago, you should make up for the basics of renovation. Although ordinary people don't need to become PhDs in decoration, you still need to understand the basic processes and materials. Otherwise, that's what the decoration company said.

The effective way to quickly “unhide” in the short term is to consult with relatives and friends who have experience in decoration. It is best that they have just finished loading. Usually, they will all tell you the lessons of selflessness, so that the probability of making mistakes and repeating their mistakes will be greatly reduced.

STEP2 Building Materials City Checkpoints

One month before the renovation, the theory should be linked to the actual situation, and we must spare no effort to go to and from major building materials cities and supermarkets. More visits, more reading, more listening, plus more questions to the manufacturers, there must be the sales staff asked unspoken momentum. Although reporters have been cruising in the home circle for several years, many of the knowledge has been based only on literal. As for the price, if you do not personally go to the various building materials cities, you will not know how to do so. If you don't have a lot of money in your pocket, this step is even more important. Because building materials cities of different geographical locations and sizes may have the same brand of goods due to different rents, prices can be 10%-15% worse.

Of course, it is also tricky to step on points, otherwise it will continue to be useless. According to the renovation process, the reporter recommended that you first look at woodworking materials (such as Daxinban, Australian pine board, decorative veneer), wall tiles and cabinets. Since the earliest projects after the project started were woodworking and bricklayers, while the bricklayers were carrying out hydropower reforms, the woodworkers could include doors, windows, and ceilings, and kitchen tiles could also be carried out simultaneously with carpentry. As for the cabinets, it must be determined early because the cabinets must be measured once in the state of rough kitchens, and design schemes and hydropower reform methods are given. Until the kitchen tiling is finished, the manufacturer will have to measure it again. At this time, the official plan is given. After you have obtained your signature, it will be transferred to the manufacturer for production, usually only after a month or two.

Therefore, you must be good at the time, or else you will be late to go one step at a time.

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