Industry analysts analyze new trends in bathroom renovation

In this world where house prices are high, people who do not have a house are trying hard to own a house of their own. When they have a house, the biggest thing is decoration. In the renovation, the bathroom is extremely important. Part. If you are still worrying about the renovation of the house, take a look at the six trends in bathroom renovation.

There are six key trends in the renovation of the bathroom:

Minimalism continues to be favored: The idea that many designers pursue is to make everything simple and simple to be convenient. This minimalist trend is precisely to meet the psychological needs of many young people, so the bathroom equipment has become direct and "the most simple" - washbasin no longer blindly pursue the luxury of marble countertops; toilets are no longer bulky and large; More and more rational consumers will not install large-sized bathtubs or shower rooms without considering the area of ​​their own bathroom.

Shaped products are popular: For a long time, the shape of sanitary ware was monotonous and lacked new ideas. Manufacturers are also aware of this problem and began to design and research innovative sanitary ware products. Many new products appear on the market this year. Consumers can see strangely shaped, angular bathtubs, ever-changing faucets and toilets that are more aesthetically pleasing.

The emergence of metal accessories: The addition of metal accessories has added a lot of coolness to the bathroom. Metal bathroom handles, metal towel rails, metal reelers, metal soap boxes, cups, cotton swab boxes, and copper-aluminum composite or aluminum new radiators... these small changes in detail can make the bathroom The whole becomes stylish and personal.

There are endless new materials in the sanitary ware: ceramic products are no longer unified in the bathroom, stone, glass, wood and other materials have become alternative products of ceramic products. As a result, glass basins are favored by women; wooden bathtubs allow petty bourgeoisie; glass mosaics are popular in the bathroom.

Smart products come to the fore: When it comes to intelligent bathroom products, we cannot help but mention the sensor faucet. The hot selling of the sensor faucet started the first shot to realize the intelligentization of the bathroom, followed by the smart thermostat bathtub and intelligent pumping. Toilet.

Focus on health and environmental protection: Health and water saving are a theme of the bathroom for many years. It is often seen in the building materials market that major bathroom brands have adopted environmental slogans. From bathtubs to toilets to urinals, technological changes are taking place in every place and place where antibacterial, antifouling and water saving can be achieved. The bathroom products with both antibacterial and water-saving features will also be more outstanding.

This can be seen from six points, there are many worthy of the bathroom decoration is worthy of attention, if you grasp the bathroom decoration of some rules, coupled with their own design, will be able to achieve home decoration fashion personality and comfort.

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