Application of Electronic Fence in Perimeter Protection of Substation

1. User Demands Several substations subordinate to the Electric Power Bureau need to install an anti-theft alarm system that prevents illegal entry and timely alarms so that they can respond quickly in case of an emergency and truly unattended substations. Block criminals outside the substation, ensure the safety of substation power facilities, and increase the economic efficiency of the power bureau.

2. The composition of the electronic fence security system Each substation security system is divided into two parts: the electronic fence front of the transformer station and the control host.

The front end of the electronic fence of the substation includes: alloy wires, support bars, warning signs, lightning arresters, clamps, and support bases, which are installed on the four surrounding walls of the substation.

Substation control room is equipped with an electronic fence control host that controls the host to emit electronic pulse signals. When someone illegally crosses or cuts off the electronic fence, an alarm sound and light display is issued, and the alarm signal is transmitted to the electric power bureau through the telephone dialer through the public telephone network. monitoring Center.

3. Main features of the electronic fence security system 3.1 Blocking function ◆ The electronic fence cable is installed on the surrounding walls of the substation. Every 15 meters of the cable is hung with the “Electronic fence prohibits climbing” warning sign, and the deterrent attempted intruder is allowed. It abandoned the idea of ​​invasion.

â—† The cable of the electronic fence has high-voltage electronic pulses. When the intruder touches the cable, it immediately receives a strong electrical stimulus and abandons the intrusion. The electronic pulse uses absolute energy of low energy (less than 6 joules) and will not cause any harm to the intruder.

â—† The perimeter of the entire electronic fence adopts the support rods and alloy wires with certain elasticity. It has the characteristics of flexibility and flexibility, and cannot withstand large weights, making it impossible for intruders to cross over with electronic cables.

â—† When an intruder adopts a forced intrusion method, the electronic cable will inevitably be broken and open circuited. At this time, the system immediately senses and sends an alarm so that the intruder will abandon the intrusion attempt.

3.2 Alarm function â—† The system has the ability to distinguish between accidental access and forced intrusion. The system automatically detaches people and animals from the accident after being subjected to electrical stimulation, and weather and branch disturbances. The system considers the above behavior to be invalid and the system does not Will alarm, greatly reducing the system's false positive rate.

â—† If the intruder forcibly invades, it will inevitably lead to the deformation or disconnection of the electronic cable. When the system detects the intrusion, it will immediately report an alarm to the linkage output interface and start the linkage device to realize double alarm.

3.3 System Operation Safe and Reliable The system is safe and reliable in daily operation, simple in maintenance and inspection, free from the influence of weather, plants, and small animals, and has a low rate of false alarms. The front equipment of the electronic fence is reliable, beautiful and resistant to corrosion.

4. Conclusion The electronic fence security system has been successfully used in the protection of many unattended substations and has achieved satisfactory results, winning the user's approval.

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