Autumn strawberry is strictly against gray mold

Strawberry gray mold pathogens are mainly transmitted by airflow, watering or farming activities. When the air humidity is high or it is rainy after watering, the terrain is low and the water is accumulated, and gray mold is more likely to occur. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
1. Thoroughly remove the diseased residues of the previous crops before planting, and carry out deep-turning and rinsing, spray disinfectant on the surface, shed film and wall, and use with 800 times liquid of new high-fat film. To enhance the efficacy. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
2, using high mulch film mulching or drip irrigation water-saving cultivation, strengthen field management, timely watering and topdressing, spraying strawberry fruit juice before flowering, young fruit, and expansion period, respectively, to improve strawberry cycle fruit set rate, coordination Balanced nutrition and improved strawberry resistance. After watering, it is necessary to increase the amount of air in the greenhouse. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
3, timely inspection, found that the symptoms of the disease should be removed in time, diseased flowers, diseased fruit, etc., brought out of the shed to destroy, sprayed with targeted fungicides for prevention and treatment, can be combined with the new high-fat film 800 to enhance efficacy, to consolidate Control effect. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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Door skin is one of main products of Luli Group Co., Ltd(Mainland).Our high quality Door Skin is adopting HDF as basic material, surface laminated Natural Veneer, melamine paper or pvc.  during vacuum molding machine, the high temperature and pressure, with one or two forming technology to produce.

Advantages of Door Skin:

• Eco-environmental

• More beautiful

• More convenient

• No cracking, no deformation

Usage of Door Skin:

Luli Group Co., Ltd adopting"Prodcution line, Ecological development", has been selected and favored by more and more customers. It is mostly used as the main material of door of Kitchen, Washing Room, Baching room etc.

Kinds of Door Skin:

• One forming Door Skin

• Two forming Door Skin

• Natural Veneer Door Skin

• Melamine Door Skin

• PVC Door Skin

Details of Door Skin:

Size: 660/720/820/920/1020/1050x2150

Thickness: 2.8MM, 3MM, 4.2MM

Material: HDF

door skin

Door skin

Door Skin,Veneer Door Skin,Wood Door Skin,Door Panel Skins

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